Same-Sex Disputes Attorney in Houston, Texas

LGBTQI clients and cases comprise about 30% of my practice, including divorces, child custody cases, and modifications. Same sex divorce and custody cases have evolved to the point of common place in our post-Obergefell world, but you still want a lawyer who has experience with LGBTQI cases and will demand equal treatment and respect from other lawyers, judges, mediators and even court staff.

While I approach an LGBTQI case as I would a heterosexual or cis-gendered case, some Courts and Judges and mediators and even some lawyers are not yet as familiar with the issues as I would like them to be. When this occurs I first educate on the status of LGBTQI law in Texas, and then I focus on the basics of Texas family law: a fair and equitable division of community property; best interest of the child, etc.

LGBTQI law has changed significantly in the past decade if you have questions about how to proceed with your LGBTQI family law issue, contact me for consultation and let's discuss the best approach for you.